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How to register on the PingOcean website?

- on the main page in the upper right corner, click "Register", or select any tariff plan on the page;

- indicate your current working email address; 

- Read the Terms of Use (https: // and the Privacy Policy (, check the box that you agree to abide by the provisions of these documents; 

- On the next page, create a password that you will use when entering your personal cabinet; 

- Indicate your personal data: photo, surname / name position, contact Comp act work phone number.

- After clicking the "Register" button, an email will be sent to the email address specified during registration; 

If you are a telecom operator, the application for registration will be reviewed within 24 hours. During this period of time, the PingOcean manager can contact you; 

- In the case of confirmation of registration, an appropriate message will be sent to the email address specified during registration.

Who can register on the PingOcean portal?

Registration on the PingOcean portal is available only to representatives and employees of existing telecom operators, departments to combat unauthorized traffic, maintain profitability, a network monitoring center, and quality of services.

Can I provide a personal email address when registering on the PingOcean website?

You can specify only a valid business email address, work or cell phone number. By this, an individual confirms that he is an active employee of a telecom operator, and has the necessary authority and rights to use the PingOcean services. Otherwise, access to PingOcean services will be impossible.

What rights does an account get after registering on the PingOcean portal?

- management of companies for detecting fraud, testing the quality of voice from SMS routes, information on notifications about SPAM events, technical settings;

- Creation of other users, and management of access rights to sections of the PingOcean portal, including monitoring of their actions.

- Obtaining test results via FTP, API, Email, SMS, PDF, XLSX, including access to graphical information on the PingOcean portal;

- Access to the support service via online chat, ticket system, email, phone;

- Access to financial information billing section, invoiced.

Can PingOcean limit Users' access to test results or in general to your personal account?

Yes, PingOcean can limit the User’s access to the Content if the User violates and / or does not fulfill the obligations regulated by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What are the options for using test results available to the carrier?

The representative of the telecom operator cannot publish, distribute, or in any other way transmit the results of testing to third parties. Only part of the information is available to other telecom operators in order to improve the quality of the services provided. You must be guided by the terms of the current Privacy Policy ( and the Terms of Use (