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Fraud Detection

Unauthorized termination of voice traffic is detected by making test calls from foreign networks to active subscribers of mobile operators, from transit networks, card platforms, IP services



Covers all possible sources of calls from A
Card platforms
Cellular network
Fixed network
IP services: Skype, IP telephony, Viber - more than 150 services.
Transit operators - more than 100 connections
Intelligent route selection system based on the frequency of fraud events
The operator does not need to adjust the system or manually change the sources of calls. The system can independently control the intensity of each direction, focusing on the number of fraud events.
A quick scaling of the sources
A huge number of test subscribers ready to make calls at any time of the day. Adding country to system is to install the app RingApp for Android smartphone users.
High detection rate
After the occurrence of a fraud event, information about it is sent to the operator after 5 seconds.
Full automation
Connection of all possible schemes can be made without the participation of PingOcean specialists.
Monitoring the status of connected systems
In case of failure of any of the API methods, or exceeding the limits for forwarding, or unavailability of SIP trunks, the system will immediately notify you about it.
The ability to control the rewards
On the side of B - for its subscribers, and for the side of A, for subscribers of other operators. If the operator wants to increase the number of calls for example at night from a certain country, you can independently increase the amount of rewards in the LC .
Savings due to the payment of remuneration to the subscribers on its network to 40%
You connect the processing and API to replenish balances, the system sends rewards to subscribers B using the limit from the operator. Subscribers will spend this money on your services.


Connectivity options to the system PingOcean
Without integration with operator switching systems
RingApp subscribers make calls to each other, call data is analyzed and fraud numbers are transferred to the billing operator via API, FTP, Email.
Unable to detect test calls
Only for mobile operators
Integration with operator systems:
SIP trunk with fixed numbers
The required connections:
The operator specifies the numbers by which calls will come to the SIP trunk
SIP trunk with the required number of rooms
Rapid integration
It is often necessary to change the numbers in the LC.
Integration with operator systems:
Numbers are transmitted via API
The required connections:
API to get numbers
The operator specifies the numbers by which calls will come to the SIP trunk
SIP trunk with 1-2 rooms (need to use scripts from the PingOcean)
The operator himself manages the numbers used for calls.
Complex integration
Integration with operator systems:
Using short-term forwarding, calls that come in SIP trunk
The required connections:
API for setting forwarding
The operator loads the numbers, or range of numbers, the calls come in the SIP trunk
SIP trunk with 1-2 numbers
Working with White sheets
In the case of calls with a duration may appear records of test calls in the LC subscriber.

Additional opportunity API

  • Unlock/lock numbers. Must be enabled if using non-valid numbers.
  • Lock/unlock numbers on the edge switch. Used to track call routes.
  • Receiving the current subscriber forwarding. To save the forwarding is invisible to the subscriber.
  • MNP check rodovogo rooms. If the number has been transferred, if you can check its belonging to some kind of operator.
  • Spoofing verification.
  • Sending of fraud numbers.
You can install the server version
In accordance with the requirements of regional legislation
45 years
summary experience
1 million+
saved profit



Qualified personnel

A team with many years of experience working with

leading Telecom operators in the departments to

detect unauthorized traffic