Banking SCAM detection.

Prevention of banking SCAM by notifying the bank and the subscriber about a fraudulent call.


  • The volume of SPAM calls in 2020 is 31.3 bln., which is an increase of 18% compared to previous year.
  • Users receive 28.6 bln. SPAM calls within a year.
  • Users receive 28.6 bln. SPAM calls within a year.
  • Users receive 28.6 bln. SPAM calls within a year.

Crowdfunding in SCAM detection.


Subscribers download Android app worldwide.


Users check the SCAM box in the app in case there is a banking scammers' call suspected.


Analysis of the potential scammers' voice for banking scam, instant bank notification.


Bank notifies the upcoming users via SMS about the scam.

Start Testing

Log in to your account
Open SPAM filters
Set up notification channels via API, FTP or email
  • List of sorted SСAM number
  • Online monitoring of any DATA sources.
  • Data depletion real information from smartphones.
  • DNS delay information.


  • Detect each fraudster by his voice
  • The evidence base in court in the form of voice recording
  • The bank's ability to temporarily restrict transactions to the user

Double notification.

  • Connection of all possible schemes can be made without the participation of PingOcean specialists.
  • Operator independently sets up notification channels and receives alerts about fraud events within 2 seconds.


  • Ability to receive information about real spam.
  • Block SPAM numbers online for your subscribers.
  • There is an evidence base about sending SPAM to be presented in court.