DATA quality testing 3G/4G/5G.

Live subscribers perform tasks to download-upload DATA, DNS, and SSL data in the right place for the operator, taking into account subscribers’ natural daily migration.


  • According to the CFCA, fraud “steals " 9.4% of A2P revenue - almost 1.5 billion rubles. $ for 2019, as the A2P market is estimated at $ 13.72 billion.
  • According to our data on the network of world operators, about 32% of SMS messages with incorrect Sender IDs are terminated through various fraudulent routes.

Crowdfunding in DATA testing.


Subscribers download Android app worldwide.


Subscribers receive tasks to test DATA, opening websites to any hosts in the world.


Detection of distortion in DATA speed consumed by subscribers.


The operator improves the quality and speed of the Internet, corrects billing.

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Set up notification channels via API, FTP or email
Welcome, Jack Bonders!BENEFONRevenue Assurance Director in13EDGE5G2004G1283G250Add test HostsConfigure notification channels (API, FTP, email)Create TaskHow to startDATA TestingChangeCurrent Plan100 000 tests/ monthUp/down:0.02 USD/testWebsite:0.03 USD/testCountry:0.01 USD/testAddSpeed:
  • Real DATA speed from subscribers’ devices.
  • Online monitoring of any DATA sources.
  • Data depletion real information from smartphones.
  • DNS delay information.

3 types of testing.

  • Testing the incoming and outgoing internet speed to any operator node.
  • Testing any site.
  • Testing incoming and outgoing Internet speed to any country.

Any host speed testing.

  • Operator receives data about all hosts monitored in one report.
  • In case of malfunctioning about any host, the operator receives a notification alert in the user account.

DATA depletion testing.

  • The subscriber uploads or downloads information from / to the host of any country.
  • The subscriber uploads or downloads information from / to the host of any country.

Global testing.

Checking internet quality for any source or country worldwide.