Voice fraud detection.

Real-live subscribers make TCG from foreign mobile operators networks, transit networks, card platforms, and IP services.


  • According to the CFCA, telecom operators lose more than $ 6 billion a year due to SIM box fraud.
  • According to our data, 30% of calls with the wrong CLI are terminated via SIM-box and other fraudulent routes around the world.
  • Fraudsters use GSM gateways with SIM transfer functionality, SIM banks in different countries, and software switches with TCG detection feature to bypass fraud protection systems.

Global crowdfunding in TCG.


Subscribers download Android app worldwide.


Subscribers receive tasks to make international calls.


Analysis of CLI for fraud, instant reporting to the operator via API, FTP or email.


Operator blocks fraudulent numbers, the app-user receives a reward for successful testing.

Start Testing

Log into your account
Create a task for testing by choosing operators and countries
Set up notification channels via API, FTP or email
  • Full remote control over the testing campaign.
  • Call forwarding with no false positive.
  • OTT termination detection (Viber fraud).
  • Complete invisibility for fraudster’s filters.


Intelligent routing system based on fraud-event maximization:
  • The operator does not need to adjust the system or manually change the call sources.
  • The system independently reroutes calls between international networks, thus increasing the number of fraud events.

Quick scaling of sources.

  • Subscribers are ready to make test calls at any time all over the world.
  • Testing a specific country requires only to install RingApp for users from that country.

Full automation.

  • Connection of all possible schemes can be made without the participation of PingOcean specialists.
  • Operator independently sets up notification channels and receives alerts about fraud events within 2 seconds.

Connections online monitoring.

Immediate notifications about API or FTP failure, or exceeding the limits for forwarding, or unavailability of SIP trunks.

Without integration.

RingApp subscribers make calls to each other, call data is analyzed and fraud numbers are transferred to the operator via API, FTP or email.
Unable to detect test calls
Only for mobile operators

SIP trunk with fixed numbers.

The operator specifies the numbers by which calls will come to the SIP trunk.
Redirect the pinned number to the SIP trunk.
Quick integration.
Requires to refresh numbers in the user account.

Receiving test numbers via API.

  • The operator specifies the numbers by which calls will come to the SIP trunk.
  • SIP trunk with 1-2 numbers (need to use PingOcean’s voice scripts).
Operator independently manages used for test calls.
Time consuming integration.