Voice routes quality testing.

Live subscribers receive test calls from all over the world to detect FAS, false billing, poor audibility and call stretching.


  • Subscribers make shorter calls, which reduces the operator's revenue at retail by at least 10%.
  • Operator overpays for international calls by more than 15% due to FAS routes, incorrect billing, stretch calls or premium routes.
  • Operators monitor their routes more actively to provide better quality and reduce the migration rate of international voice traffic to OTT services.

Testing routes to end-users.


Subscribers download Android app worldwide.


Each caller is assigned tasks to receive international calls.


Analysis of voice quality, PDD and billing time; instant reporting to the operator.


The operator automatically reroutes traffic or makes claims under its international agreements.

Start Testing

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Create a task for testing by choosing operators and countries
Set up notification channels via API, FTP or email
Welcome, Jack Bonders!BENEFONRevenue Assurance Director in438INTVOIP243LOCAL82OPER59Add Test NumbersConfigure notification channels (API, FTP, email)Create TaskHow to startVoice Routes Quality TestingChangeCurrent Plan100 000 tests/ monthWith duration:0.99 USD/callWithout duration:0.49 USD/callAdd
  • Full remote control over the testing campaign.
  • Call forwarding with no false positive.
  • OTT termination detection (Viber fraud).
  • Complete invisibility for fraudster’s filters.


Simultaneous control of all networks in the world:
  • The operator can add all their international routes and monitor them simultaneously.
  • Monitor current routing routes using current subscribers on the operator’s network.


  • Set up a SIP trunk in user account.
  • Сreate a table of prefixes for existing and new transit operators.

Automatic rerouting.

  • If any route is unavailable, the required number of people will be notified by SMS or email.
  • Automatic re-routing using the PingOcean API based on the quality of routes.

Automatic call-rerouting.

  • Integration with the PingOcean API is available for automatic call re-routing or route priority changes.
  • If the route is unavailable or its quality indicators have fallen below the acceptable level, the operator can enable the following types of notification API: operator code, route prefix, lower priority, increase priority

Intensity control.

There is no need to set the intensity for each direction. The system will independently adjust the intensity of testing routes based on the remoteness of the country

Advanced reporting.

Online tracking of routes of outgoing international voice traffic to any country.

NO integration.

The operator can determine PDD, CLI, Billing Time, FAS, Route availability, ASR. If any direction is not available, the operator will receive a notification.
Does not require integration
Only routes in routing are monitored

Softswitch integration.

  • The operator can determine: PDD, CLI, Billing Time, FAS, Route availability, ASR, False answer, call stretching, audibility. If any direction is not available, the operator will receive a notification.
  • It is necessary to add sip trunks, distributing them by thech prefixes.
Monitoring of any number of routes for each transit operator
Operator must configure the softswitch